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Episode notes

For nearly 20 years, Dan Walker has been on our screens for BBC Sport, where he still presents football focus every Saturday. For the past four years, he's also been waking us up every morning as the host of BBC Breakfast. Throughout his career, Dan has been lucky to chat to not just some of the biggest names in politics, sport and entertainment, but also some truly extraordinary people. People who may not be household names, but the stories of whom have touched millions. Now Dan has decided to tell some of these stories in his brilliant new book, 'Remarkable People'. Of the year where all of us have faced such profound uncertainty and worry, these tales will undoubtedly shine a ray of light and hope into one of this country's darkest hours. If you have been through life events similar to those described in this episode and you need someone to talk to, please contact the samaritans, free any time, from any phone, on 116 123 And if you'd like to share your thoughts with Simon, he'd love to hear from you: Twitter @SimonThomasSky