Holly Bourne: The Alternative Version of 'Happily Ever After'

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Episode notes

This week I have the absolute pleasure of speaking to one of my favourite authors, Holly Bourne. After beginning her novel-writing career in the young adult genre, Holly has released three brilliant titles for adults over the past few years, which are full of wise reflections on relationships, navigating social pressure and recovering from trauma. She’s influenced, in part, by the five years she spent working as an online agony aunt for a youth charity, specialising in relationships and mental health, and her present role as the youth ambassador for Women’s Aid. Her honest, empathetic writing has made me, and so many other that I know, feel less alone – saying that, I can’t wait to see what she has to say about alone time, and what it means to her.

We discuss, among other things:


  • Why her heroines' 'happy endings' always involve them finding a greater degree of love for themselves
  • How Holly learnt to enjoy taking herself out for dinner
  • How female friendship can offer a 'safe space' away from the male gaze
  • The challenge of adjusting to a new relationship after being happily-single for a period

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