The kbbreview Podcast / By-appointment-only and mandatory water labels

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Episode notes

Welcome to the kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies as always and this is episode 11 of Season Three.

A couple of very diverse subjects today but both ultimately come down to the day-to-day running of your showroom.

First up we’re looking at water labels – again - last week the government announced that it is introducing a mandatory water efficiency label on products and that could not only make the retailer liable for displaying it but may also lead to the effective banning of water guzzling products.

We're getting all the current info from BMA CEO Tom Reynolds and Unified Water Label managing director Yvonne Orgill.

Then we’re looking into the continuation of the by-appointment-only scheme past the end of lockdown. Has this system, forced on many retailers by social distancing rules, turned out to be a game changer for how they operate in the future.

I’m talking to Ritchie Hanley from Ability Kitchens in Chester and Jo Geddes from Kitchens by JS Geddes in Kilmarnock.