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Revisitations #9: Duel (1971) (or: Second-Guessing Spielberg)

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Episode notes

Stella and Dan have wanted for some time to discuss their love of Steven Spielberg's 1971 cinematic debut, Duel, written by Richard Matheson.  However, they'd never seen the shorter, original intended-for-television version of the film before recording this episode, and therefore spend a lot of it speculating about what that version was like and how Spielberg might have made changes to Matheson's story to expand it for the cinema screen.

Then, after the recording, Dan did something he really should've done earlier - checked YouTube.  For there, the (commercially unreleased) TV version is readily available.  Therefore Dan had to watch it and insert additional comments into the original discussion to correct anything he and Stella had earlier guessed wrong.  We hope you enjoy the result.



The cinema version of Duel is available on DVD, BluRay, YouTube and Amazon

The TV version of Duel (and the 1974 TV movie Killdozer and 1977 short film Panic, both referred to by Dan) are available on YouTube

Josh Olson on Duel for Trailers from Hell


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