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Halloween Retrospective #11: Halloween (2018)

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Episode notes

FINALLY it's here, only three years after being recorded!  Join Howard, Dan and Spider-Dan (known on this recording as Dan B), in the pub with Ian Winterton (in chronologically his first appearance on this podcast) discuss their first impressions, in both spoiler-free and spoilery fashion, of David Gordon Green's 2018 Halloween film - just in time for the release of his eagerly-awaited sequel, Halloween Kills.

Elsewhere, in the present day, Stella and Dan are joyfully rejoined by Kirsty, recent life stresses all behind her, to indulge in excitement about the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Rob Savage's new film Dashcam, the trailer for Scream 5, and lots of other things!

00.00.41 Intro with Dan, Stella and Kirsty

00.25.11 Halloween (2018) discussion with Howard, Dan, Spider-Dan and Ian (and a bit of Stella)

01.58.45 Recommendations with Kirsty, Stella and Dan


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