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Questions of Horror #4: Is It Horror?

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Episode notes

Apart from Howard (he says hello), the gang's all here as Stella, Kirsty and Ian join Dan to discuss how far the horror genre might stretch to include action, disaster and sci-fi films, with specific reference to The Poseidon Adventure (1972), Jaws (1975) and Aliens (1986).  Beware: spoilers for The Poseidon Adventure - please note the timecodes below if you wish to avoid.


00.00.00 Intro and news

00.09.10  The Poseidon Adventure discussion

00.31.08 Jaws discussion

00.43.53 Aliens discussion


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The new edition of Hammer and Beyond can be ordered for £10 from Manchester University Press


Also, happy birthday to our music maestro, Greg Hulme!