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Missed Classics #3: Il Gatto Nero/The Black Cat (1981)

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Episode notes

For the first time ever on ANTPS, both Stella and Kirsty are absent this week, prioritising work duties as the UK's educational system goes full steam ahead again.  However, Dan is instead fortunate to have another Dan to keep him company - the illustrious Spider-Dan, from the podcast Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores.


Spider-Dan's here to discuss one of his favourite films, a horror cult classic that the other Dan has never seen before - Il Gatto Nero/The Black Cat (1981), an Italian horror film intended for international audiences by that country's 'godfather of gore', director Lucio Fulci.  Set in England, and inspired by a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, it's an unusually restrained film in the Fulci fimography, but still memorably vicious.


From one feline to another, comic-book expert Spider-Dan also discusses the tragic early passing of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Studios' Black Panther, who died last week aged 43.


Spoiler-free discussion of The Black Cat starts at 16.41 and spoilers begin at 49.00.


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The Black Cat is available for rental streaming on YouTube or Amazon in the UK, from Amazon in the US and is available on Blu-Ray or as part of the current streaming package from Arrow Video.


The Monster Club is available for rental streaming and is contained in Amazon Prime's current streaming package.


Darkman is available for streaming on Netflix in the UK.


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