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DASHCAM - interview with Gemma Hurley & Jed Shepherd

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Episode notes

Ian, Stella and Kirsty do their best without Dan's guidance (he's away on holiday, the slacker) and dig into 'Dashcam', Rob Savage's eagerly anticipated follow-up to 'Host', with a spoiler-free and spoiler-full discussions, plus an interview with 'Dashcam' screenwriter Gemma Hurley and its producer Jed Shepherd. PODCAST TIMELINE 1'52 Trailer followed by spoiler-free discussion 22'00 Interview with Gemma & Jed 45'03 - TO END Spoilerific discussion - DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU'VE WATCHED THE FILM. To hear our previous interview with Gemma for 'Host' click here To hear our previous interview with Rob Savage for 'Host' (with spoilers) click here