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Feasting on Hannibal #2: Season Two (2014) with Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto & Dr Rebecca Williams

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Episode notes

AKA: 'Another Hannibal Love-In'...

We return to the world of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller's majestic TV remix of the works of Thomas Harris.  As with our Season One discussion last year, Kirsty and Dan are joined by very special guests Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto of the University of Virginia and Dr Rebecca Williams of the University of South Wales for an in depth aca-Fannibal chat, and then by Stella (our very own Dr) and Ian for their take on the show.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS for the first and second seasons of Hannibal.  If you've never seen the show, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS.  Go and find our Season One episode (which is spoiler-free) and if you like the sound of it watch the show up to Season Two, then listen to this.

In the UK, Hannibal is free to stream via My5 (Season One only) or to Amazon Prime subscribers (all seasons).


00.00.41 Intro with Dan

00.05.25 Dr Rebecca Williams & Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto with Kirsty & Dan

01.14.10 Stella & Ian with Kirsty & Dan


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