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Episode notes

In the second episode of ‘Beat The Press’, we speak to journalist Jonathan Wilson, author of the award-winning book 'Inverting The Pyramid' and founder of football quarterly 'The Blizzard'.

Join us for a discussion about his latest venture, 'The Squall', a bitesize version of 'The Blizzard' that's also aiming to help freelancers struggling in the wake of coronavirus. We talk about right-backs, including the story of the gay Italian World Cup-winner, who juggled football with teaching tennis to Mussolini's child, and Imre Hirschl, Hungarian salami-salesman turned River Plate manager. Finally, there's time to unearth George Graham's comparison between the Arsenal offside trap and his bed of roses. 

Running order:
Part 1: Introduction - chemistry, lockdown and Javier Saviola (00:15)
Part 2: Interview - a discussion with Jonathan Wilson (04:20)
Part 3: Reaction - a look back at some of the key talking points from the interview (47:56)
Part 4: Football analogies - George Graham and gardens (55:20)

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