Slay In Your Lane: The Podcast / Adult Milestones and The Influencer Pay Gap

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This week on Slay In Your Lane: The Podcast, Yomi and Elizabeth discuss how you know when you've truly become an adult as well as racial pay disparity in publishing and the influencer business, as brought to light through the recent #influencerpaygap account. And this week in Slay or Nay we call out the portrayal of black women in reality TV in light of Misha B's recent statement about her time on the X Factor. Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast comes from multi-award-winning authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené who rose to prominence with their pioneering guide to life for young Black Women. The podcast explores topical news and popular culture from a Black British female perspective while expanding upon many of the same themes addressed in the Slay in Your Lane book including navigating the workplace, finances, education, health, relationships and dating. This is a Studio71 production.  Producer - Jack Claramunt  Assistant Producer - Winnie Simon Exec Producer - Tom Payne & Jody Smith Production Support - Phie McKenzie Studio71 is a Red Arrow Studios Company.  

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