The Beatle Bugs Podcast / Episode 13 - The White Album

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Episode notes

Episode 13 is here of The Beatle Bugs Podcast! Will it be lucky or unlucky 13 for our intrepid quartet?

After the death of Brian Epstein, the band were at a crossroads. Their next album would reflect the bands move away from the studio heavy "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" and toward a more back to basics approach.

This episode looks at the bands significant trip to India, the cloud under which they left the country and the sound they came back with. We also look at the growing tensions between the band members and how those tensions played out in the studio and how they influenced the composition of some of the bands most celebrated and iconic songs.

The White Album was, and remains today, as one of the bands most iconic albums.

It was also the beginning of the end...