Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat / Mo Gawdat (Part 1) - My New Book, Scary Smart, and the Most Important Message of Our Time

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Episode notes

In this special, two-part episode, I  want to talk to you about my new book, Scary Smart, releasing September 30, 2021. I know the title of this episode sounds dramatic, but I'm not exaggerating. This episode may scare you because the stakes may be existential, but I promise there's hope.

You may be wondering about the connection between Solve for Happy, One Billion Happy, and...Artificial Intelligence? I promise it will all make sense soon.

And by the way - If you pre-order your copy before September 30th, which I hope you do as it's a great help for authors, send a screenshot or forward your proof of purchase to [email protected]. You'll be entered for a chance to win a signed, early release limited-edition copy of the book. Better yet, I will take a few winners out to dinner in London and Amsterdam. Hope to see you!

Pre-order Scary Smart here at Amazon UK. Check your local Amazon or other bookstore in other regions.

In Part 1, listen as I discuss:

  • Why you're the hero of this story.
  • The importance of pre-orders for an author.
  • Why my publishers decided to publish Scary Smart before my next book.
  • Why sci-fi is now sci-fact.
  • The three inevitabilities of AI.
  • A brief history of AI and what's driving its development.
  • What is the singularity?
  • How can things go wrong?

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