Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat / Azeem Azhar (Part 1) - The Impact of Exponential Growth and Why Technology is Innate to Humanity

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Episode notes

Today's guest is Azeem Azhar, one of the leading names in technology and podcasting in the English speaking world.

With my new book, Scary Smart, releasing September 30th, and Azeem's new book, Exponential, releasing September 7th,  I thought this would be a perfect conversation to set the context for an important discussion on the state of future. To ask it simply, will the future be better or worse?

Azeem Azhar is on a mission to explain how our lives are changing due to the exponential growth of technology. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the creator of the Exponential View, Britain's leading platform for in-depth tech analysis. His weekly newsletter is read by 200,000 people from around the world, and his chart-topping podcast, The Exponential View, has featured guests including Yuval Noah Harari, Reid Hoffman, and Tony Blair. I'm honored to say I'll be appearing on the show next month, so stay tuned.

In Part 1, listen as we discuss:

  • Writing code and growing up a tech geek.
  • Azeem's career trajectory through technology and his big break into journalism.
  • How startup culture has evolved, and the successes and failures along the way.
  • The importance of the Netscape browser and how the net made cheap distribution possible.
  • What is exponential growth and what is its impact on our lives?
  • Technology is innate to the human condition, and politics are innate to technology.
  • Companies follow the expressed needs of the public, and  that's where our power lies.
  • The five main technologies shaping our lives right now.
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