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Does running cause knee osteoarthritis? with Dr Christian Barton

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Episode notes

People with osteoarthritis are encouraged to exercise and stay physically active, but what does the evidence say about running? Running has been often perceived as bad for the knees. Long-term exposure to running has raised concerns about the development and progression of knee osteoarthritis. If you have knee osteoarthritis, you might be wondering if it is safe continue running.


Dr Christian Barton works in both research and private practice treating sports and musculoskeletal patients in Melbourne. He currently holds a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and is the Communications Manager at La Trobe’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. He is currently studying a Communications Masters focussed on Journalism Innovation. Dr Barton is an Associate Editor and Deputy Social Media Editor at the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Christian’s research interests focus on knee, running injuries and knowledge translation including the use of innovative digital technologies.





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