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Is walking good for your knee osteoarthritis? with Dr Grace Lo

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Walking can be an excellent form of exercise and physical activity for people who have osteoarthritis. Walking is low-impact, inexpensive and safe for everyone. Despite the apparent benefits of walking, not only for managing OA symptoms but to reduce the development or progression of other chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, many people are simply not doing enough. This may be due to many factors including but not limited to patient beliefs about exercising with osteoarthritis or pain associated with OA flares.

Dr. Grace Lo is a clinical researcher with a focus on osteoarthritis since 2001. She is an assistant professor at the Baylor College of Medicine and Chief of Rheumatology at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. She received her rheumatology training at Boston University, where she also obtained a Masters of Science in Epidemiology. She has been working with investigators of the Osteoarthritis Initiative, a cohort of people who are either at high risk for or already had symptomatic radiographic knee osteoarthritis at the time of enrollment, and has spent much of her research efforts conducting studies using data that has emanated from this cohort.


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