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Episode notes

In Episode 8 of Season 2, we talk about the different ways that Warrior Kids can exercise their voices on important issues from talking to artwork and even blogs!. This is a special episode recorded in partnership with Kids Listen weekly activity episodes! Please join us every Wednesday - sometimes every second Wednesday - as we talk about everything Indigenous and share each other's stories about what warrior kids are doing to make the world a better place! Here is the Kids Listen Activity page link with instructions: https://bd754cce-d1c0-4397-b737-454f7138e2cd.filesusr.com/ugd/e00686_5da66f0fa02547d1890623c0d4da361f.pdf For more information about our podcast, you can check us out online at https://www.warriorkidspodcast.com Check out Warrior Kids Merch here: https://warrior-life-2.creator-spring.com/listing/get-warrior-kids-podcast?product=340&tsmac=store&tsmic=warrior-life-2&variation=6385 If you would like to support this podcast, please check out my Patreon account here: https://www.patreon.com/join/2144345 For adults, here is my website: https://www.pampalmater.com Please note: The information contained in this podcast is not legal, financial or medical advice, nor should it be relied on as such. It is intended as general educational materials for children and represents fair comment.