We Will Get Past This

46 May We STOP Living Through Interesting Times

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Episode notes

Hello, how are you doing? Today's episode was recorded when a certain senior adviser explained that they broke the lockdown in order to test their eyesight, rather than a belief that they were above the rules that they were part of setting ... Other countries must be looking on aghast at these details and who knows what we, ourselves will think when we look back on these most strange times. Taking a look back through history is of course what Sandi is doing on a daily basis for this podcast, but through different eyes of the men (because it would have been men) who wrote it all down. Perhaps if Sandi had been around to document the 'golden' age of piracy, school children would be learning about the female characters of that time, because being a man wasn't necessarily an essential requirement for the job, as you're about to hear.   Have a good day ... We Will Get Past This   

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