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84: Planning for net zero with Kate Levick

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If they don’t already have one, developing a net zero plan is high on the priority list for all Australian businesses. But as most now know, the real job isn’t developing a plan, but putting that plan to work.

In Episode 84 of First Fuel, EEC CEO Luke Menzel is joined by Kate Levick, co-head of the UK Transition Planning Taskforce Secretariat.

The Transition Plan Taskforce was formed when, in a speech at Glasgow’s COP26, Britain’s then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced that listed companies in the UK would be asked to disclose their transition plans by 2023.

Speaking one year on at COP27 in Egypt, Luke and Kate discuss the Taskforce’s role in defining what best practice business transitions look like; how companies across sectors can ensure the best chance of a successful transition; and what Australian government and businesses can learn from the UK experience so far.

Mentioned in this episode:

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

The Transition Plan Taskforce Disclosure Framework

The Transition Plan Taskforce Implementation Guidance

TPT Online Sandbox

Key topics:

What is the UK’s Transition Plan Task Force?

What do we mean when we say a transition plan?

The link between financial disclosure and transition plans

Lessons for Australia and the rest of the world

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