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Season 2 - Episode 9 - Last Canadian Standing, Eric Deshaies - Big Dog‘s Backyard Ultra World Championship

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Episode notes

Eric Deshaies of Gatineau, Quebec was the last of five Canadians standing at this year's Big Dog's Backyard Ultra World Championship in Bell Buckle, Tennesse.  


He claimed his Golden ticket to the event with a win at Big Wolf's Backyard earlier this year with 35 yards. With no dedicated crew at Big's, Eric managed to clench the second-best Canadian backyard performance with 50 yards or 208.33 miles [335.29kms]. Cold nights, warm days and a technical trail course played havoc on many of the runners. In the end, a new world record was set by Harvey Lewis [USA] with a staggering 85 yards or 354.16 miles [569.97kms].  This year's assist went to Chris Roberts with 84 yards -- 350 miles.


More about Eric Deshaies:

A seasoned ultrarunner and Ironman, Eric has achieved top 10 finishes at both Moab and Badwater [7th place in 2010].  He also made an appearance at UTMB and Tor des geants. in 2008, Eric was the 2008 double Ironman World Champion.  

Instagram: @ericdeshaies 


Backyard Ultra:

The backyard ultra is a last person standing format. There is no finish line. Every hour on the hour, a new yard begins.  Runners must complete 4.16667 miles [1 yard] in that hour. Why 4.16667 miles? Every 24 hours will mark the completion of 100 miles. 


The race continues until only one person remains. Once the second-place runner [assist] can no longer continue, the last runner may only complete one more yard to be deemed the winner.