Unspeakable Scotland / The Crosshill Railway Murder of 1840 / by Professor Willy Maley

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On 14th May 1841, 50,000 people attended the last scene of crime execution in Scotland (the first in Glasgow since 1769). Dennis Doolan and Patrick Redding were sentenced to death for the alleged murder of John Green, an English ganger. The controversial killings took place in the context of industrial unrest during the construction of the Glasgow-Edinburgh railway line, which was dominated by Irish labour. Willy Maley (playwright, poet and Glasgow University professor) tells the story of the Crosshill Railway Murder of 1840 and explains its historical significance. Willy Maley’s website: www.willymaley.scot For more information about the podcast, visit: www.thebiglight.com/unspeakablescotland  

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