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The One with The Game Awards 2022 Predictions

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Episode notes

In this episode we discuss our predictions and hopes for the 2022 video game awards!

Then we get into the news with the controversy of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet plus the reasons behind it. DCs new plan to unite game and film. We talk about how much your consoles are costing you in electricity in this current climate. We also have a host of new trailers to dissect (Mario and The Last of Us) and finally we laugh at the people watching FIFA 23 streams when they think there watching the world cup. Whaaaat!

We go our black Friday deals.

Then we get into what we’ve been playing, Nathan talks about the relaxing lawnmower simulator, Mark waxes lyrical about God of War Ragnarök and Mat gives us his verdict on Sonic Frontiers.

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