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#31 - Reimagining History: Colin Mustful on "Reclaiming Mni Sota" and The Coffee Controversy

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Episode notes

Today we sit down with accomplished author Colin Mustful to discuss his upcoming alternate history novel, "Reclaiming Mni Sota." As we dive into a conversation about the largely overlooked US-Dakota War of 1862, we explore the unique narrative styles used to bring to life two characters, Samuel and Waabi. Mustful enlightens us about his background, his experience with a vanity press, and his subsequent journey to launching History Through Fiction Publishing.

Further, we explore the nuances of revisionist history and alternate history, breaking down the differences with Mustful's insights. He elaborates on the painstaking process of blending history and fiction to create a compelling narrative. Not only do we dive into the details of the book, but also discuss broader topics such as the treatment of Dakota and Ojibwe people.

As we wind down, we shift gears to talk about the often overlooked topic of coffee pricing, ignited by a humorous incident involving Warren Buffet's wife. We also recommend a charming South Korean Netflix show "Would You Like A Cup of Coffee?" to our audience. Be sure to listen till the end for a teaser about our special guest in the next episode. Remember to pre-order Mustful's captivating novel, visit his website, and check out other books by History Through Fiction Publishing. Press play, and let's explore history together.


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