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The creator of a gaming app designed to diagnose people’s levels of depression says tech firms should be ethical when it comes to using AI.

Thymia CEO Emilia Molimpakis has designed as a tool to identify people’s mental wellbeing through facial expressions and speech patterns.

Spotify says it regrets Neil Young's decision to remove his music from the streaming platform and “hope to welcome him back soon”.

The Canadian-American says he doesn’t want his songs being played on the same platform that offers Joe Rogan's podcast, which has been known to air vaccine-sceptical views.Wayward SpaceX rocket booster predicted to crash into the moon. Major PPE producer aiming to recycle pandemic waste.

Report suggests iPhones will soon accept contactless payments directly. Robot performs keyhole surgery on pig without human help for first time. Tesla hails second profitable year as ‘breakthrough’, plus astronomers spot mysterious object unlike anything they have seen before.

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