Tech & Science Daily / Instagram: Timeline changes give users ‘more control’

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Instagram is bringing in some changes to the timeline. Head of the social network Adam Mosseri says three new options will be available soon, to give users more control of what they see on the timeline. Researchers looking into the effects fantasy football can have on gamers have found the most avid players had worse mental health than those who played it less. Nottingham Trent University found players who engaged the most with the game were more likely to suffer from low mood and anxiety. BMW has revealed a colour-changing car at CES. It uses ‘E-ink’ which sends electric signals around the chassis to change between black and white. Google and Amazon each partner with car firms to better integrate their tech. Report shows 550% rise in Cryptocurrency exchanges in the last year. Farmers to be paid for ‘rewilding’ their land, why hedgehogs are responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria, and how dogs can distinguish between languages.

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