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Black hole: man behind new Milky Way image

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Elon Musk announces his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is on ice as he probes the number of spam and fake accounts on the social media platform. Astronomers have revealed a donut-shaped giant black hole at the centre of our Milky Way that’s four million times bigger than the Sun - it’s called Sagittarius A*, a whirling, gaseous gravitational force 26,000 light-years away. We speak with radio astronomy and astroparticle physics expert Professor Heino Falcke, co-founder of the global Event Horizon Telescope. Netflix show-picking algorithms ‘can help satellites see through clouds’. Could world crypto regulation body help tame Bitcoin? Scientists dig up 2,000-year-old scents of ancient Arabia. Eurovision 2022: stress test for first broadcast over 5G. Disabled baby giraffe can walk again thanks to leg braces.

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