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Taser drones: aides quit in school stun guns row

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Episode notes

A group of advisors at the company behind taser weapons have resigned over plans to introduce drones armed with stun guns into US schools. Axon Enterprise's Chief Exec published a blog post last month, explaining how drones could help address school shootings.

Apple has revealed what’s new for iOS16, CarPlay and the new Macbook Air, Elon Musk threatens to terminate Twitter deal, and we speak to Professor Matthew Wills about evolution, and why we may have gotten it wrong.

In this episode:

  • Apple announces changes to iOS, CarPlay and Macbook Air (0.16)
  • Advisors walk out over taser-drone proposal for US schools (1.00)
  • Why most of our Evolutionary data might be wrong (1.33)
  • Elon Musk threatens to terminate Twitter deal (3.00)
  • China brings forward launch of solar power plant space station (3.37)
  • EU agrees on single charger rule for all devices (4.09)
  • How climate change is altering the Alps (5.00)
  • Study: Male athletes have stiffer arteries than women of same calibre (5.31)
  • Prehistoric DNA finds evidence of ancient ‘pizzly bear’ hybrids (6.11)

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