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‘Robotaxis’ with video games and vending machines

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Baidu has revealed pictures of a new fully electric, fully autonomous taxi in China. Apollo RT6 comes with a detachable steering wheel, which could allow for more space for things like extra seats, gaming consoles and vending machines. And it’ll be a cheaper car to make than the earlier model - costing £31,000 per unit.

  • We speak to the CEO and president of Amelia Chetan Dube who says AI can eventually achieve sentience. He also talks about the need for ethics when using artificial intelligence.
  • GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre reckon there are ways to detect child sexual abuse material online within encrypted messages.
  • Ofcom says Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are now most teenagers’ go-to sites for news.
  • It’s not been plain sailing for Elon Musk’s Tesla ‘Cybertruck’, but he has revealed they will start being delivered to customers next summer. Elsewhere - Tesla is causing a stir in the crypto world as Bitcoin lost half a percent overnight...
  • Mojang Studios said NFTs don’t align with Minecraft’s ‘values’ and will not be included in the game.
  • Nasa’s James Webb Telescope was hit by a micrometeoroid in May and suffered ‘significant uncorrectable' damage to one of its panels.
  • And for the first time in 70 years, cheetahs are being reintroduced to India.

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