A Whole New Ballgame / Lydia Lassila

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Episode notes

We chat to 5 time Winter Olympian, gold medalist, entrepreneur and all round legend Lydia Lassila.

If you look up 'Trailblazer' in the dictionary it should feature nothing other than a picture of Lydia and a list of her achievements. Today we chat about how she stumbled across aerial skiing, became a world and Olympic champion, and what drove her to success despite multiple injuries that would have finished lesser athletes. 

Through injury Lydia created her now thriving business BodyIce and we chat about the challenges and triumphs during the journey of the brand.

She's a keen surfer too and together with her 'Murfer' mates down in Lorne Victoria, is putting together a holistic surf retreat in Indonesia, which promises to be awesome. So keep your eyes open for that.

Lastly, do yourself a favour and check out Lydia's documentary The Will To Fly. If you ever need inspiration, this is where you'll find it. It's a simply cracking film and I can't recommend it highly enough.   

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Enjoy the chat. 👍⛷🥇