A Whole New Ballgame / Lauren Burns

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Episode notes

We spend time with 12x Australian & Olympic Taekwondo champion, Lauren Burns in this episode of A Whole New Ballgame

A teenager from Melbourne, Lauren took on the Taekwondo world..and won. From the bright lights of Madison Square Garden to winning gold at her home Olympics in 2000 we discuss her journey. The ups and downs, how the goals and perspective changed when her sport became an Olympic one, and how finding 'her ready' was vital in managing the unpredictability and challenges in her career. 

A qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, Lauren now combines her lived experience and passions in her business LaurenBurns.com where she enjoys a top notch professional speaking career with 1:1 coaching to athletes looking to step up their game and achieve excellence. 🙌

Lauren's story is amazing, and her perspective is refreshing in its simplicity. But don't mistake that for complacency. She is anything but.

Be sure to check it out and follow Laurens's adventures on Insta HERE. 

Enjoy the chat. 🥋🥇🎙