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SPECIAL: The Prehistory of the BBC (extended cut)

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Episode notes

It's the BBC’s 99th birthday! Well it was on the day this episode landed. So for episode 37, here’s the podcast’s story so far...   Between season 2 (covering the BBC in 1922) and season 3 (the BBC in 1923), we’re on a run of specials. So here we summarise EVERYTHING we’ve learned so far. 36 episodes condensed into one.   Condensed, yet also extended - because we recorded a shorter version of this episode for The History of England Podcast. So to lure in folks who’ve heard that already, I’ve added a ton of new stuff, including some brand new bits. By which I mean, very old bits. As well as hearing the voices of:

  • First teenager to listen to the radio in his bedroom GuglielmoMarconi
  • First major broadcast engineer Captain HJ Round
  • First voice of the BBC Arthur Burrows
  • First regular broadcaster Peter Eckersley
  • First slightly terrifying boss John Reith
…You’ll now also hear from:
  • First broadcast singer Winifred Sayer
  • First BBC pianist Maurice Cole (the most wonderful accent, “off" = "orff")
  • First BBC singer Leonard Hawke (although WE know from episode 28 that the Birmingham and Manchester stations broadcast music the day before - but the BBC didn't know that)
That's a lot of firsts. Plus more recent voices - hear from these marvellous experts:  


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Next time: What Marconi Thought of Broadcasting - plus 1920s adverts, voiced by listeners...