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Episode notes

The 1st woman on British radio! Radio's 1st professional artiste! The 1st listings! The 1st programme with a title!

Journey back to early 1920 for episode 3 of the story of pre-BBC broadcasting, and meet W.T. Ditcham, Captain H.J. Round and Winifred Sayer - the girl from the ball-bearings factory who brought song to our radio sets. 

Monday 15th June 2020 (soon! In fact, probably in the past...) Paul's doing a Facebook Live talk on The History of the BBC (basically this entire podcast series condensed into an hour), with Q&A. It's £Pay What You Want, details here or on our Facebook page.

We're here to inform, educate + entertain on the origins of the BBC, radio and life as we know it. I say 'we'. It's just me. 

Oh, and original music by Will Farmer  

Oh, and our guest is Emily Jeffery, who presents the fab Edge of England podcast.

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