Crisis What Crisis?

64. Piers Morgan on failure, grief and the unsubtle art of not giving a f**k

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Joining us in this episode is Britain’s, arguably the world's, most followed journalist - former newspaper editor, presenter, news broadcaster, author and self-confessed controversialist Piers Morgan. As you’ll most likely be aware, Piers is someone with opinions. Those clear views, alongside an absolute obsession with news and an unrelenting work ethic, have driven Piers to tremendous success both here in the UK and in the US.
But there have also been high-profile moments of failure and drama. Career setbacks and criticism that would have sent most people diving under their duvet – death threats as a result of stories he’s run, sacked as Editor of the Daily Mirror and, more recently, a dramatic exit from ITV’s Good Morning Britain. And there’s also been personal trauma too.
Piers’ response has always been to turn those moments of crisis into new opportunity and inspiration and to go again. So, this is a conversation about crisis with someone who's created and lived more than a few, and who, you will be unsurprised to hear, has a very clear opinion on where we're all heading from that resilience perspective.

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Piers’ Crisis Comforts:
1. A pint of Harvey’s. I go to my village pub; see the village boys and we’ll have a pint and it has to be from the local brewery Harvey’s. A pint of Harvey’s makes all the troubles go away.
2. Montecristo No.2 Cigar. It’s got to be number two. I’ll thoroughly enjoy luxuriating in a big fat cigar – everything feels better when you have one of those.
3. A Rocky film. The best film is the first one. I love the Rocky Balboa story, I love his attitude.

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