Moontower Soccer / Houston and Dallas Reviews, Frisco Invasion, Wolff's Learning Curve, Tiny Sebastian, RSL Preview, and more

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Episode notes

With Landon in Mexico and Jeremiah in Florida, we bring you a special vacation edition of Moontower Soccer, which mostly means Landon hasn't slept and has slightly worse audio quality. But don't worry, the quality of the content is still top-notch. Topics this week include:

-Austin FC's impressive performance against the Houston Dynamo
-The not-so-impressive performance against FC Dallas
-Fans and La Murga invade Frisco
-Which criticisms of Wolff are fair and which are fans being unrealistic?
-The legend of Tiny Sebastian
-Our assessment of Driussi's first appearance
- Real Salt Lake preview
-"At least we're not Cincinnati!" 

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