The Solo Female Traveler

Where Not to Go Solo- Sina Reischauer

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About the episode: 

Where not to go?

There are a lot of recommended "safe places" and tips on how to be safe when you are solo traveling. But where not to go?

To discuss this, I invited Sina the founder of @indicotravels. Sina has lived in a total of five countries in Europe and South America, she is a huge fan of diving into new cultures and connecting with locals, and she has traveled to nearly all continents by herself. During this episode, we talk about general tips and also what to look for in specific countries.

As we know solo female travel is often associated with unsafe situations. People perceive that women face increased risks of harassment, assault, and other forms of violence while traveling alone, but when we prepare, do the appropriate research, and follow some rules, we can minimize a lot of these risks.

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