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Episode 13: Talking Derry Girls with LISA McGEE

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Episode notes

Derry Girls writer and creator Lisa McGee joins the Girls and tells them why she is "obsessed" with the podcast. She describes it as "hilarious", "THE best thing" and explains why she "was annoyed that she (sic) hadn't heard it before writing Series 3". Lisa also has some suggestions about what Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise can cover in the podcast while we wait impatiently for Series 3. 2020 ZeBBie Awards - ‘Our Lisa’s been nominated’ (I feel we can say that now! ) Caroline Leddy - Producer Derry Girls Caroline Leddy’s husband’s uncle - Brian Friel Liz Lewin - Exec Producer Derry Girls Freaks and Geeks - Queer as Folk - Russell T Davies - Larry David - OK, this Derry Girl was actually in the audience at the Stephen Colbert show on 9th January 2020 when Larry David was the guest - The Undertones - Erin’s Diary - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:  

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