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The Mistakes we Make Whilst Dealing with Overwhelm - S505 (2022)

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Episode notes

Season 5 Episode 5 The Mistakes we Make Whilst Dealing with Overwhelm Please enjoy my Podcast - Events for Breakfast. This is a bite size edition to help you to digest the information easily and expand your knowledge in all thing’s events. Have you ever got to the point where you feel so overwhelmed that you don't make rationale decisions? Join the club! Founder of Planners on Purpose, certified life coach, business strategist and event professional, Naomi Tucker talks about how we can deal with overwhelm and identify the triggers involved. Listen to this episode for tips around how to recognise and deal with overwhelm in a professional way. Show Notes: Host - Kelly Frew, Story Maker Events Guest – Naomi Tucker, Planners on Purpose Find out more about Anna-Marie here - To find out more about the Events for Breakfast Podcast visit: You can connect with the podcast community and host here: