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Local Color: Beer + Conversation

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Episode notes

As part of our Local Color project, we're thrilled to partner with Ology Brewing Co to bring you "Beer + Conversation" in conjunction with a nationwide brewing coalition of a stout named Black Is Beautiful. Inspired by San Antonio's Black-owned Weathered Souls Brewing Co, Ology brings a commitment to listen, learn, and lead by example to Tallahassee by inviting racially diverse pairs across the community to have real conversations seeking to truly understand.

After these pairs met for one-on-one dialogue, we gathered a few of them (virtually) to share a beer or two — and their experience — with you.  Join us for this powerful conversation hosted by Local Color facilitator, Jovita Woodrich.

Crack open a Black Is Beautiful stout (swing by Ology to grab yours) and learn something about walking in another person’s shoes. Oh, and Ology is donating the proceeds of their Black is Beautiful sales to our Local Color project. Does it get better than that?