Village SquareCast / COVID in Tallahassee: A politics-free status report

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Episode notes

If you are looking for deep insight into how COVID is affecting our community — free of politics and hysteria — you'll want to join Tallahassee Memorial Hospital CEO Mark O'Bryant and Pulmonary & Critical Care Specialist Dr. Carlos Campo for a special conversation with former Tallahassee Democrat Publisher Skip Foster.

O'Bryant and Campo have unique insights and access to a wide array of data which will give you a perspective on this virus you have never had before. The conversation will walk through not just COVID's direct impact on the health of Leon County residents, but will provide new information on testing, hospital capacity and the outlook for the future.

We can promise you this -- you will walk away much more informed about the virus and its impact on our community.

Watch video from the Zoom/Facebook Live event that aired on June 25. Or Listen on the Village SquareCast.