Roll With The Punches / EP217 PTSD & Suicide, Surviving & Thriving | Jason Nelson

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Episode notes

Jason Nelson is a bit of a weapon and we got along like a house on fire! A Royal Navy Veteran and former UK and WA Police Officer, Jason lives with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.  He is a suicide attempt survivor, a father to a suicide attempt survivor and he is a childhood sexual abuse survivor. Dubbing his current life ‘iJason 2.0 Resilience Reboot’, Jason reached into the old therapy bucket and pulled out an array of conventional therapies and treatments along with creative outlets such as poetry and art. He is a fellow boxing coach and an open book… two things I greatly admire. Thanks Jason for vulnerability in sharing this with us. EPISODE SPONSOR | TESTART FAMILY LAWYERS Website: JASON NELSON  Website: TIFFANEE COOK Linktree: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram: --- Send in a voice message: