The Cost of Inaction | Modelling Climate Risk

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Episode notes

The urgency of climate change has been notoriously challenging to communicate. Whilst the science is clear, a lack of immediate, tangible risk has plagued political will on climate action for decades. Extreme weather events felt across the World, and in Australia in particular in recent years has finally started to shift mainstream public sentiment. However, for those whose job it is to quantify risk, the predicted impacts of climate change are thoroughly modelled.

Rapidly shifting expectations of government accountability, organisational governance and corporate fiduciary duties have been driven by a growing body of climate change litigation, shareholder activism and of course motivation to protect the bottom line.  

In this episode, Laura Phillips head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Alex Pui, the Head of Natural Catastrophes and Sustainability in the Asia Pacific for insurance group, Swiss RE and Gavin Ashley, Better Cities & Regions Lead at HIP V. HYPE to discuss the very real considerations of climate risk.

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