Chronically Living and how to make the most of it / How Do I Achieve a Sense of Accomplishment with Chronic Illness? with Darren Radke

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Episode notes

Feeling that sense of accomplishment is linked to well-being, but many Spoonies struggle to feel that because they are limited in their daily activities. If this sounds like you, then in tune in because APS and Lupus Warrior, Darren Radke shares how he manages to feel a sense of accomplishment often, despite having two chronic illnesses.
In this episode we talk about:

  • two coping skills: music and exercise
  • what gives Darren feelings of accomplishment
  • how having fun is important for the well-being of chronic illness warriors
  • Darren's new book, Deceived From Within

Guest Bio
Darren Radke is a 49 year old male, from Marshall, Wisconsin. Proud Husband and a Father of two. He has an Associates Degree in Business Management. Loves to exercise when his body allows, study history, music enthusiast and a huge Green Bay Packers fan. First time Author with hopes to help others living with Invisible Chronic Illnesses.
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