Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

Lea Thompson - aka Back To The Future royalty

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Episode notes

Lea joins Genevieve to reminisce about being propelled to fame in some of the most iconic ‘80s films.  

She opens up about the film she thinks ruined her movie career (spoiler - it's Howard the Duck), bouncing back with her own sitcom and her recent move into directing.  

Lea also talks about why fish make great pets and reveals an awkward encounter she had with Brad Pitt.

Plus, she also chats about her latest film opposite Eva Longoria - Unplugging - where she plays the local town crank and conspiracy theorist.   


Unplugging is out in the UK on digital platforms from 13 June - and if you’re elsewhere in the world, check your local services as it may already be there.  

Check out the film's website - unpluggingthemov.com


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Episode hosted, produced and edited by Genevieve.

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