Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

Darren Hayes - aka Savage Garden's voice of an angel

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Episode notes

Darren joins Genevieve to reminisce about his rise to fame and monster success in Savage Garden before splitting and forging a solo career.

In an open and honest chat, he explains why he quietly quit the music industry in 2012 and why he's now ready to take it on again - as his true self.

He also talks about being a parent to an Instagram dog, studying comedy for three years and his foray into podcasting, his love of Star Wars and his secret trick to borrowing Jean Paul Gaultier's clothes.


Darren’s latest track, Poison Blood is out now and his new album will be coming out later this year. He'll be touring the UK and Australia in early 2023 - you can see all the dates and buy tickets at darrenhayes.com.


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Episode hosted, produced and edited by Genevieve.

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