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17. Sam Claflin: Dad goals

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Episode notes

The UK’s favourite fitness coach is back with series two of his podcast. This summer, Joe will be speaking to inspirational friends and some of his favourite people to ask them what they do to keep themselves feeling mentally and physically strong in the face of life’s little challenges. It might be going for a new personal best on the running machine or cosying up with a good book; every guest will share the one thing that works for them in the hope it might inspire you to try something new. You'll know Sam Claflin from his roles in The Hunger Games film franchise, Enola Holmes, Journey's End, and for playing fascist politician Oswald Mosley in BBC One's Peaky Blinders. But you may not know he can beat Joe Wicks on an exercise bike! Joe caught up with Sam to talk fitness, family and Sam's phenomenal rise to Hollywood fame. Sam describes the pressure he sometimes feels to stay super fit as a man in the film industry and explains he likes the challenge of a film involving a physical transformation. And he and Joe realise they share a common love for exercising with their young children. This is sunshine in a podcast. Joe Wicks is here for you, and he won’t stop until you’re fit and happy. Producer: Clare Salisbury Editor: Dimitri Houtart A BBC Audio Bristol production for Radio 4