Richie Rambo Presents - Various Logs From The Past / The Life And Times In L.A. Featuring Raul T. Pereyra

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From growing up in L.A around Gang members, smoking drugs, drinking, a son from first generation parents, a Father going through his own issues, being raised by the streets, to totally turning his life around and finding the motivation to better himself through Education and the power of positivity. Life could have been very different for Raul if he chose it to be. Here his amazing story. To find out more about Raul, you can find him on his "Podcast "Los Compas Lounge" wherever you listen to them, and on YouTube. Where he shares stories with his co-hosts, growing up in L.A and inspiring change. Follow me on IG, Twitter and Facebook - RichiePresents. Don't forget to subscribe and share.  Enjoy!!! If you like what you hear, feel free to support the show ( If you would like to do a feature on the Podcast or have any queries, please get in touch - [email protected]