Richie Rambo Presents - Various Logs From The Past / Dear John - P.S. I'm Doing Better Now - Featuring Anamika Dutta

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Being in a toxic relationship is something that can be difficult to get out of and is sometimes easier said than done. Anamika pens this open letter to her ex-partner in the form of Spoken Word Poetry. She sees this as a form of closure and healing as she tells her touching story about the hardships and mental abuse she suffered during this relationship.  Visit Anamika's website for more poems like this - You can also find her Podcast on all major Podcast platforms - Spoken Word With Anamika. Follow her on IG - @anamikadutta. (The original Excerpt is taken from Dear John) As usual, you can follow me on IG, Twitter and Facebook - RichiePresents If you like what you hear, feel free to support the show ( If you would like to do a feature on the Podcast or have any queries, please get in touch - [email protected]