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In 2016, Peggy's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and in that afternoon her husband lost his job as a stockbroker. They sold their home and drove across the country moving in with her parents to be caregivers to her mother. After her mother passed away in July 2019, she began writing a memoir of her journey as her caregiver. Searching for podcasts on Alzheimer’s, she recognised a void in addressing the honest and heartbreaking struggle of the caregiver. With the lingering pandemic as a motivator, she decided to podcast her stories as she felt they needed to be told now.  

The fast-growing podcast has touched people across the world. Peggy’s podcast "Life In The A-Zone" is devoted to helping caregivers, friends, and family heal and recuperate from the Alzheimer’s experience or the “A-Zone” as she named it. Using her own life experiences as anecdotes, Peggy hopes that listeners will consider her podcast as a source of strength and hope.  She highlighted the message from these stories is not only applicable to Alzheimer’s but to anyone who has watched their loved ones slip away slowly from a life-threatening disease.  

Hear Peggy's amazing story (This excerpt was taken from "Life In The A-Zone" Podcast - Pink Cloud Moments) Please reach out to Peggy for interviews, quotes and feedback about Life In the A-Zone podcast during November for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in the United States. For more information, please visit: 

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