Richie Rambo Presents - Various Logs From The Past / Motivational Mountains - Featuring Tad Lusk (LPC)

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This week I have some motivation for you, coming from Tad Lusk. Tad is a licenced professional counselor (LPC), who also covers mental fitness and wellness. He helps people master the essential skills to break free from anxiety and depression, as well as optimizing wellbeing. He is also a talented Musician. Hear him talk about creating balance in your life made more simply. Sometimes we get lost in the languages of motivational talks where we may feel like it's all or nothing, but sometimes we can do just fine without putting a heavy expectation on our lives. If you want to find out more about Tad and how he can help, you can find him on his:  website - Blog - Facebook Group - Mental Health Mastery As usual, you can follow me on IG, Twitter and Facebook (RichiePresents) If you like what you hear, feel free to support the show ( If you would like to feature on the Podcast or have any queries, please get in touch - [email protected] Music by - Side A, Gravy Beats  - Side B, Raspo,