Life Solved / COP In Focus: The Future of Construction

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Episode notes

This week the COP26 conference in Glasgow turns its focus to issues such as transport, cities and the built environment. On this episode of the Life Solved podcast the University of Portsmouth’s Professor Mark Gaterell demystifies the role of construction in our net zero future.


Find out how the way our buildings are designed, made and used impact their carbon footprints. Mark also explains how the running of cities can add up to a huge impact on climate change, environments and human life. This sector contributes to 38% of global carbon emissions, so revolutionising it is key in our goals to reach net zero.


What’s more, innovative work from the University of Portsmouth and its partners is helping make sure that the cities and buildings of the future are green ones.


You can find out more about this work and other research at the University of Portsmouth website:




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